The Mission 

Why Bluewater?

Bluewater is a sea-going term that refers to wide-open stretches of ocean. The name reminds us to be out far and in deep with God. A healthy life of faith always has some adventure in it. We know that God isn't just a distant hope, but a present force for change. As he changes us, we change our world.


Our ministries reflect our values: small groups, justice, missions, family life, creative arts/worship, service, prayer ministry, and spiritual formation. We rely on volunteer initiative, skill and commitment for fruitfulness in each of these areas, and subscribe to Jesus' model of servant-leadership.

While Bluewater has no denominational affiliation, we seek to apply Biblical guidance while shedding religiosity. We believe in trying. We pursue radical acceptance, inconvenient compassion and practical generosity. At least 25% of all church income is given away to help the poor. We practice prophecy and healing prayer.

There is no formal membership at Bluewater, but people gain ownership by investing time, service, money, and faith. This is how the church grows and how we grow as individuals.

Leadership & Structure

Bluewater Mission is managed via a core leadership team in tandem with a board of officers.  The former shapes ministry decisions while the latter addresses financial concerns. Small group leaders provide significant levels of pastoral care and training.