Summer Series 2015


ACTIVATE: Mission-Focused Leadership Training
Monday, 6:00pm, Saint Louis Heights / Kaimuki

Steve, Larrisa, and Ryland invite you to join the Core Team of Beer, BBQ, and Bible Study as we create spaces for skeptics and seekers to explore Jesus. Get equipped to reach people around you and trained to launch your own 'Ohana group ministry during the Fall series.


As Iron Sharpens Iron
Wednesday, 6:00pm, Kailua District Park

Join Elton Wong and Joe Aguiar for a men's sports group as we sharpen one another physically and spiritually. We’ll have some some friendly competition and encourage one another in our walks with God.


Culture and Faith
Wednesday, 6:30pm, Church Office, begins June 24th

How has God uniquely created you?  What are the gifts and challenges of your ethnicity and culture?  How do we relate to Native Hawaiian history and culture?  As part of Ho`olohe Pono (listening rightly), we will also experience entering into the Native Hawaiian community for an evening, day or week July 12-17.  How can we learn from the Native Hawaiian community and live as a reconciled community?


Faith and Business
Tuesday, 6:30-8:30 pm, Waikiki

For business owners and people interested in starting a business, this group will look at various scriptures that teach foundations of good business practices.  The group will meet on Tuesdays beginning June 30 at 6:30 pm at Robbie Melton's apartment in Waikiki.  Sessions will begin with food and fellowship.

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Funky Fellowship Fridays
Friday, 6:30pm, "My Sister's House” in Kaimuki

Fellowship and prayer room. For Christians, non-christians, people of other faiths and people from all different backgrounds. Natalie, Gatson, VJ invite you to fellowship through beer, BBQ, watching the fireworks, and the sunset. Get filled up on food, love, fellowship and the Holy Spirit through prayer.


Mighty Men Making Each Other Mighty Men for God
Tuesday, 7:00pm, Palolo.

David Kiernan hosts a men’s group focused on facing the challenges of a man following Christ, being confronted with the world and our own brokenness. Come answer the call of your Father to be a mighty man for him.  Content can be 18+. Mighty meal provided.


Newlywed Summer Fun
Saturday, 4:00-6:00pm

TJ & Johanna Anagaran invite couples married less than 3 years to meet on Saturdays from 4-6pm. Come share life experiences. We’ll alternate between study and a fun activity.


Refuge: Sexuality & God's Grace
Thursday, 6:00pm, Church Office

Jade Higa leads this study, focusing on freedom from unhelpful sexual labels and definitions so people experience God’s healing, restoration, and peace. Great for LGBTQ Christians or those struggling with sexuality in their faith journey. Please email or call Jade if you do not want to sign up through the website.


Simple Church
Thursday, 7:00pm, Manoa

Janelle Higa & Natasha Woodward lead this easy “all-play” format of small group. Food, fellowship, scripture and prayer.


“Summer Lovin” Date Nights (for Married Couples)
Saturday 6:00 pm

A weekly date night creates space to refresh and strengthen marriages. In this group, married couples will collectively organize childcare and then go on a date.


Sunset Zumba at the Beach
Monday, 6:00pm, Magic Island Beach Park

Dan Isobe invites you to party yourself into shape while surrounded by God's beautiful creation. “You don't need to be coordinated to have fun and accidentally lose weight.”