Fall Series 2015

A Place to Grow
Thursday, 6:30pm, Manoa
Albert and Nalani Cook

Come join us as we seek to get to know one another and practically grow in our faith and trust in Jesus! We hope to create a place for people to belong and spur one another on to love and good works.

ACTIVATE: Mission-Focused Leadership Training
Monday, 6:00pm, St. Louis Heights
Steve and Larissa Marks

Led by Steve and Larissa Marks, Activate's purpose is to empower new ministers, and incubate and launch new ministries. Join us if you want to grow in risk-taking, Kingdom leadership, and living out God's unique purposes in your life.


Breaking Free by Beth Moore
Saturday, 4:00 - 6:30pm, Church Office or
Tuesday, 9:00 - 11:30am, Church Office
Katherine Kim (Saturday) and Ronda Koch (Tuesday)

$18 per person for the workbook which includes daily studies throughout the week and a weekly DVD teaching. Come to be challenged, to laugh, to dig deeper with other sisters, to get to know one another, draw closer to the Lord, believing Him more, experiencing His peace, and enjoying His presence by using scripture to identify spiritual strongholds in your life!


Building on Rock: Owning Your Personal Discipleship with Jesus
Thursday, 7:00 - 9:00pm, Aina Haina
Robyn Morse

We may want to change the world, but we don’t want to skip over the proper preparation. Through Scripture study, practical tools and weekly application, we’ll learn together how to anchor our walk with Jesus so that we can be faithful and fruitful in the long term. This group is perfect for seekers, newer believers, and anyone who wants to reaffirm their foundations in Christ. It’s intended to be a possible next step for anyone attending “Disciple”, our all church retreat.


Coffee + Creatives
Wednesday, 6:00pm, Glazer's Coffee
Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith and fellow creatives explore what happens when creativity and spirituality intersect through scripture and creative activities. Gain a new lens about our Creator and get a deeper understanding of your own creative spirit.


Community Justice
Wednesday, 6:30pm, K2 Community House
Elton Wong, Veronica Lamb, Aja Wallace

Come join the leaders of Bluewater's community houses and share in God's desire to bring about justice and show his love to the poor and the oppressed. We will share how God is using ordinary Christians living in community to do the extraordinary, and how you can be a part of it.


Dancing in the Bluewater
Wednesday, 7:00pm, Town

Danielle and Safinia invite you to explore worship through dance and seek greater intimacy and freedom with God. No experience necessary, come as you are.


English and Japanese Bilingual Small Group
Wednesday, 6:30pm, Town

Michelle Nakazato & Virginia Okamoto lead a group of Friendship, Faith, and "Kami" (God), which seeks to discover what our multilingual God has for us.

Faith in Parables
Tuesday, 6:30pm, Church Office
Frank Lau and Christine Nip

Throughout the Bible, Jesus often taught in parables, or simple stories used to illustrate a point. Our group will mine the parables for meaning and practice applying them to each of our lives. Previous Bible knowledge not required - seekers welcome!


Going Deeper with God
Wednesday, 7:00pm, Kakaako
Priscilla Yin, Katie Small

We invite you to join us to read and share what is learned from specific passages of scripture each week. We will go through a book of the Bible in the 10 weeks using the SOAPY format: S = Scripture, O = Observation, A = Application, P = Prayer, Y = Yes, today I will.


Men's Life Transformational Group
Sunday, 7:30 - 8:45am, Palama (tables by childrens' ministry)
Craig Chong

We will follow the Life Transformational Group Model of small group and focus on basic discipleship/devotional tools.

Patchwork People
Thursday, 6:30pm, Kaimuki/Palolo
Jenny Steele

Learn to Sew in a group setting. Come learn the art and craft of sewing from each other!

The Sblended Family (blended family)
Tuesday, 6:30pm, Hawaii Kai
Ron and Christy Wong

Join Ron and Christy Wong as they lead a fellowship for blended families. We will be using the Smart Stepfamily: An 8 Session Guide to a Healthy Stepfamily, By Ron L. Deal. This group will provide support and fellowship for blended families. Anyone interested is welcome!

Thursday Night Prayer
Thursday, 7:00pm, Saint Louis Heights
Ryland Young

Come pray with us as we seek to have authentic experiences of God and grow as prayer ministers to bring healing, freedom, and restoration to one another and those around us. Grow in your personal relationship with Jesus and spend time learning about prayer through Scripture, unity with others, and practical application as we learn to hear from God on a deeper level.