Spring Series 2016

Monday, 6:00 - 8:30pm, St. Louis Heights
Steve and Larissa Marks

We're a community that wants to see people all over our city and island experience and respond to God. Come experience and respond to God with us, take risks in reaching others, and be equipped to lead the unique ministry God has given you.


Dinner and Dares
Friday, 6:30pm, Kalihi Valley / K2
John & Anna Roberts

Grow in your relationship with Jesus through hands-on experience doing the kind of things Jesus did in places he probably would have hung out. We will alternate "dare" nights every other week (or so) with "dinner" nights - involving things like worship, prayer, bible study, and enjoying a good meal together.


Dinner at J&J's
Friday, 6:00pm, Kaneohe
Jade Higa & Janelle Higa

This Ohana group is all about eating and talking story. We'll be having a potluck every week as well as a discussion topic. The purpose of this group is to build relationships and to grow in our faith together while having fun. Also note that if you have pet allergies, we do have dogs in our house.


English Japanese & Korean Trilingual Small Group
Wednesday, 6:30pm, Town
Michelle Nakazato & Virginia Okamoto

Michelle and Virginia lead a group of Friendship, Faith, and "Kami" (God), which seeks to discover what our multilingual God has for us.


Freedom in Daddy's Embrace
Tuesday, 6:30pm, Makiki
Dan Isobe

When you think of God as your Father, do you see a loving Daddy or a stern taskmaster to appease or a distant guardian who may abandon you or an authority figure to fear? Let's journey together with Jack Frost's "Experiencing Father's Embrace" as we explore deeply rooted lies that hinder our intimacy with God and seek freedom so we can fully walk as sons and daughters.


Friday Night (Worship) Lights
Friday, 7:00pm, Kaimuki
Natalie Star & Safinia Chavis

Come hang out with us on Friday nights from 7-9 pm at My Sister's House. Worship with your voice, with dance, with prayer, in silence, in writing. Come just as you are and take comfort in the freedom of expression; worship however you feel lead and in your own unique way

Generosity with a Plan
Tuesday, 6:30 - 8:00pm, Salt Lake
Andy & Alex Taylor

We'll be talking about developing a plan for giving, spending, and saving money using Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University as a guide. We'll take a look at our routines around money and explore new ways of being generous and purposeful with our finances.

Go Heal Somebody
Thursday, 6:00pm, Manoa
Elaine Masters

Using the Bible, the book "Miracle Work," and personal experience,we will practice healing on Thursdays, 6:00pm, Manoa. Yes, you can do it! And Jesus told you to. Much of our time will be spent in prayer and sharing.


Going Deeper with God (Ladies Only)
Wednesday, 7:00pm, Kakaako
Priscilla Yin & Katie Small

We invite you to join us to read and share what is learned from specific passages of scripture each week. We will go through a book of the Bible in the 10 weeks using the SOAPY format: S = Scripture, O = Observation, A = Application, P = Prayer, Y = Yes, today I will.


Hot Topics
Wednesday, 7:00pm, Ala Moana
Sam Kim, Eric Wat, Paola Rodelas, & Keiko Sugihara

Sam, Eric, Paola, and Keiko invite you to discuss current issues and approach them biblically. Join our forum of non-experts that will confront controversial topics and ask hard questions.

Living a Creative Life
Every Other Saturday, 11:00am, Kaimuki
Sarah Smith

Whether you are an avid painter or the occasional doodler, this ‘ohana group will focus on sharing in that creative spirit! We will delve into what we have been doing creatively in our own lives along with exploring how God is creative through scripture.

Mending the Soul - Women's Group
Monday, 7:00 - 9:00pm, Kaimuki
Veronica Lamb

Veronica Lamb is leading this "train the trainers" group to equip those who are interested in becoming leaders in the Justice ministry's work with survivors of human trafficking. For more info google "Mending the Soul" or email justice@bluewatermission.org.

Recharge and Refresh
Wednesday, 7:00 - 9:00pm, Church Office
Joseph Lee

Feeling tired or burnt out? This Ohana group is for you. An oasis of rest in the midst of the stress and busyness of the week, come refresh your soul with worship, meditation, and prayer.

Thursday Night Prayer
Thursday, 7:00pm, Saint Louis Heights
Ryland Young

Come pray with us as we seek to have authentic experiences of God and grow as prayer ministers to bring healing, freedom, and restoration to one another and those around us. Grow in your personal relationship with Jesus and spend time learning about prayer through Scripture, unity with others, and practical application as we learn to hear from God on a deeper level.

Westside Small Group
Every Other Friday, Rotating Between Kunia and Kapolei
Nick & Jo Nakashima

Nick and Jo invite you to  build community and grow in Christ together. Our ‘Ohana Group is open to anyone. The group will talk about the previous Sunday’s message and how we’ve applied it practically.