Living to Win

In a Series on Living Out Faith
Jordan Seng
1 Corinthians 9:1-6, 11-12, 19-27; 10:1-5

Summary:  There were many in Paul's day that insisted he wasn't a real apostle because he didn't look like one.  How could he be a great leader when his life looked so unstable and meager?  People dismissed Paul because he didn't have the usual trappings of recognition and success.  But Paul explained that he wasn't living for trappings; he was living to win.  If you're living to win, you focus on your mission more than your rights.  You think about how to accomplish the work in front of you instead of thinking about what sort of work you're best suited for.  You have to be consumed with doing your utmost rather than thinking about whether or not you've 'made it.'

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